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6 Max GTO Solutions - 4 Sizes Both Rake and No Rake (8 packs total)

155.00 280.00

This package is the solutions to 2x, 2.25x, 2.5x and 3x raise sizes for games both with and without rake. This pack has 200 GTO ranges total. 

This pack is for when RFI (Raise First In/The first person to raise) open raises in a 6-max game with a fixed Upswing Poker Lab opening range and it folds to the big blind.

The pack includes GTO-
BB call range
BB 3-bet range
RFI call 3-bet range
RFI 4-bet range
BB call 4-bet range
BB 5-bet range
RFI call 5-bet range

RFI is either UTG, MP, CO, BU or SB (for 6-max)

Total of 200 charts (including opening ranges)
Each chart includes a raise, call and fold range and the correct frequencies to take each action

Solutions are for games both with and without rake.

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FDS Multi Product Image.png