Heads up 100bb


Solutions for 100bb HU for games with and without rake

There's a total of 18 standard trees (9 with rake and 9 without). The trees include 4 different opening sizes, each with 2 possible 3-bet sizes, except the 3x open size has the option of 3 different 3-bet sizes

There's an additional 2 complicated tree's (1 with rake and 1 without) in which all the sizes are included in one tree

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Additional Info

The standard trees were solved with PioSOLVER and the complicated tree's were done with MonkerSolver.

These are the sizings used for the standard trees (blinds 5/10)


The complicated tree's use the same sizings but with additional 4-bet sizes

Flop subsets were 82-85, the PioSOLVER developers recommend 60-80 as being roughly enough.

For the MonkerSolver trees the settings were 30/P/L/L