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Complete 6-max tree 3x open size (rake)

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Game Theory Optimal solutions to the FULL 6-max game so you can cut your leaks preflop and elevate your winrate!  


The majority of even professional poker players don't realize how to play preflop correctly which is costing them HUGE in their winrate! This is due to how new GTO preflop solutions are for multi-way games. Purchasing this pack now will allow you to have a huge edge over your opponents before correct preflop play is common knowledge

This is the full 6-max game with a 3x open size. The 3-bets are 75% pot when IP (a bit less than 3x the open) and 4x the open when OOP. These 3-bet sizes were chosen as we did test runs and found these were the optimal sizes

There were particular spots of the tree that were cut. These spots were cut as the action is taken almost 0% of the time, and removing these spots allows us to improve accuracy in other areas.

These spots are:

  • Cold calls vs 3-bets and 4-bets
  • Calling vs an open as the SB, HJ or CO

Rake is 5% capped at 0.6bb, which is the same as 500z on Poker Stars. Increasing cap doesn't affect the ranges that much, but rake vs no rake is very different

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Complete 6-max.png

Additional Info

To view the ranges you need MonkerViewer (free). Conversion to PioSOLVER charts will happen over time

The tree was solved using MonkerSolver. Abstraction settings were 90/P/L/L which is far more accurate than their recommendation

Solving details

Solving details