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Preflop Raise Charts


Raise like a pro! Don’t settle for what other people feel is right, make sure you’re raising the correct hands, then see your win-rate skyrocket!

The charts were found by solving the 6-max game using a GTO solver called Monker Solver. They were solved with 2.5x and 3x open raises. They are essential for all professional/serious poker players

They come in 5 formats, along with a tutorial video to make sure you know the best way to use them

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PFR charts.jpg

Additional Info

The programs you can open them with are-

  • Excel/Google Sheets (or even Notepad)

  • PioSOLVER (free or paid version)

  • Equilab (free or paid version)

  • Pro Poker Tools

  • Flopzilla

  • GTO+ (free or paid version)

  • Card Runners EV (free or paid version)

  • Potentially more (untested)